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Tie Clips - Handmade - Father's Day Gift!

These genuine exotic and domestic solid wood tie clips are the perfect men's fashion accessory for any ensemble or occasion. Each hand made tie clip is one of a kind and exhibits nature's striking beauty in a small package. Set yourself apart from wearers of the dull and ordinary metal or knotted tie clips with these conversation pieces on your ties.  Wear tie clips as unique as you are. Select from several amazing wood species matched with our silver plated clip to accompany your favorite worn accessories.

Wood description and why/how we chose the wood we use!!  Each piece of hardwood is hand selected by the artist. He takes the time to find the right lumber that perfectly represents the species of wood he's building with. Making sure the figure of the wood is pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Mahogany are some of the timeless and traditional hardwoods we work with. Sought after by people who love their classic look and feel.

Black limba is a little more rare and goes by many names. Limba and Korina just to name a couple. Limba is a blonde wood with beautiful black and grey streaks running through it. Definitely not something you see everyday. Prized by high end guitar builders for it's beauty and light weight. Limba is a great choice.

Zebrawood is a rare hardwood out of West Africa. Prized for its unique zebra striped pattern. Zebrawood is a light tan wood with beautiful brown and black swirls and streaks through out the lumber.

Wenge. (Wang-ay) is a very dark wood from sub Saharan Africa. Wenge is dark brown, almost black. With stunning light brown and golden streaks running through it. It's rare and beautiful.

Details Black limba, mahogany, zebrawood, wenge


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