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Personalized Ring Boxes-Engagement, wedding, graduation, anniversary, tooth box, or just because!

A gift for many occasions! For whatever occasion you might be shopping for a ring box, a congratulations is in order, and we hope to help make this occasion a little more special with our one-of-a-kind handmade ring box.This ring box is worthy to become a family heirloom to store your wedding ring, engagement ring or heirloom ring. The ring boxes are handmade by the original artist and designer.

The box is approximately 2 1/4" in diameter and 1 3/4" tall and made from smooth wood.

Wood is not perfect - there are knots, discolorations, marks, and distortion. Each one is different in its own way. Plain, simple, stunning and made just for you. You can't buy these items as unique and wonderful as this anywhere else!!


  • Twist lid
  • Approximately 2 1/4" in diameter and 1 3/4"
  • Colors will vary - let us know in the comments if you would like a lighter, medium, or darker wood.  Thanks!

Wood description and why/how we chose the wood we use.

Each piece of hardwood is hand selected by the artist. He takes the time to find the right lumber that perfectly represents the species of wood he's building with. Making sure the figure of the wood is pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Mahogany is some of the timeless and traditional hardwoods we work with. Sought after by people who love their classic look and feel.

Thanks, XO!


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