Dad's Cigar & Drink Holder | Handmade

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Dad's Cigar & Drink Holder!

Handmade and perfect gift for yourself or anyone that enjoys a relaxing cigar and a nice drink. Now with laser engraving to say whatever you want!

Wood description and why/ how we chose the wood we use.

Each piece of hardwood is hand selected by the artist. He takes the time to find the right lumber that perfectly represents the species of wood he's building with. Making sure the figure of the wood is pleasing to the eye and the touch.

Details: Stained Alder Wood

***Please Note: VioletFox has no control over the color of monogram/name on wood products. Names/Monograms will be the color of the natural wood grain below the surface of the wood. No refunds will be issued for concerns regarding the name/monogram colors on laser engraved items.

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