Making a thriving reality that started as a big dream to create a company WITH their family, FOR their family. A safe space that encompasses all of their employees, community, and customers into that family. 

In the Beginning...

Natives to Arizona, Brian & Denise, birthed Krafty Chix after creating crafts to help their friend's daughter raise money to go on a high school trip to Australia; utilizing local craft fairs as their market. Once their goal was exceeded, they noticed that their crafts were a success and didn't see a reason to stop.

...It was then...

Typical trial and success story. Denise leaving behind 17 years as a CPA, while Brian sent 17 years at Orbital Sciences to the moon - they embarked on several quests of businesses including direct marketing, a Seattle Sutton franchise, and other online adventures. They learned a lot, can never call the previous attempts failures because we never quit trying to strive for something new and get something to work.

....Rising Now

Headquartered in Gilbert, AZ; Krafty Chix now VioletFox is now 25 employees strong offering unique boutique style clothing and accessories. Custom options include handmade jewelry, sewing, vinyl and laser printing. 



Denise and Brian are very active in their everyday production from when a customer has a complaint to knowing every customer's by name. 

Take a look at their passion driven days at the office. 

Our Values for VioletFox

Denise & Brian's VioletFox Picks


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